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Baltimore born-and-raised songwriter, Josh Morningstar is a fucking mad man. He continues to tour with outlaw legend Billy  Don Burns--even if it's gonna kill them both. And it's true about that one night in Kansas City.
Off the road, Josh Morningstar has a constant writing schedule in Nashville. But really, you want to know is Josh Morningstar the reason ASCAP and BMI  installed metal detectors? Neither confirm or deny. They do keep him coming back, though. 
Maybe you're reading this bio because you want to know what side of the law he's on. Nobody cool ever asked that fucking question. Now if you'll excuse me, I have shit to do--guess you can say we've got that "just got out hustle."                                                             -- Rural Sultan                                          The madman's manager


Co-written with JAIDA DREYER

Photo courtesy of Amanda Oldham Photography